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*Second Edition

While one archeologist has escaped the small island of vengeful tribesmen, a leviathan too has escaped the island . . . the deadliest prehistoric sea creature ever known: pliosaurus, powerful and unstoppable in its purpose.

Just three days since John Paxton narrowly escapes “island hell,” he returns to South Africa to face the creature’s bloody swath of destruction. Assisted by savvy pilot Kate, John scours the ocean waters, obsessed with ending the reign of terror he believes he has unleashed by taunting the island’s status quo.

But the attacks are forming a pattern—a chilling parallel with a prophecy foretold by the island’s tribal elders. All the while, John is unaware that he has been followed by tribal elder Kota, who will stop at nothing to see the bloody prophecy fulfilled.

Now, both hunter and prey, John is hot on the trail of the most lethal set of jaws in history. But when a plan that should have killed the leviathan fails, John faces the ultimate question.

Is he battling a mortal creature or, as the villagers prophesied, something more than flesh and bone

. . . an avenging spirit spawned from the abyss

. . . a vengeance from the deep?

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