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Unexplained Book 1: 16 Baffling Unsolved...




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16 Baffling Mysteries That Have Never Been Solved, including;

Not of this World: Thousands saw the lights in the sky and some claimed to have been beamed aboard an alien craft. What really happened in Berkshire County, Massachusetts in September 1969?

The End of Innocence: Three children vanish without a trace from a crowded beach in Adelaide, Australia. The mystery of their disappearance endures to this day.

Remember Me: One was a debt-laden family man, the other a flamboyant radio host and local celebrity. Could they really have been the same person?

Don’t Believe a Word: Cindy claimed that she was being stalked; the police said that she was psychotic. Maybe they’ll believe her when she’s dead.

Poison Pen: It started with slanderous letters and quickly escalated from there. Someone in town has it in for Mary. But who?

Out in the Cold: A team of experienced adventurers sets off on an arduous hike into the Russian wilderness. Something terrible awaits them in the snow.

Room 2805: A beautiful, young woman checks into a luxury hotel and ends up dead in her room. The investigation into her death will pile one mystery on top of another.

Drop Zone: An audacious skyjacking culminates in a suicidal parachute jump from a Boeing 727. The hijacker should have died in the fall, so why has his body never been found?




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