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UFO SIGHTINGS LOG BOOK | Great for UFO Tracking, Sighting Documentation, and Evidence Gathering

Do you believe we’re not alone in the universe? Have you experienced strange lights, sounds, or phenomenon? Do you find yourself gazing at the stars, searching for answers? Then this UFO Sightings Log Book is for you! Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast that enjoys the search, an avid hunter, or just a believer, this Log Book has all you need to document your experiences.

Features include:

– 150 pages with 37 Case Reports

– Space to capture all your sighting details, the history of the location, your observations, your experiences, and ultimately your verdict

– Lightweight and sturdy so it can go where you go

– Open text boxes leaving room for pictures or sketches

– Rate both your first impression of the occurrence and ultimately your verdict once you had some time to think about it

Great gift for the believer, searcher, or close encounter enthusiast in your life!

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