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One spring evening a man is working in his barn, listening to the radio, when he is overcome with a feeling to go to a side door. He opens the door and sees a strange flash of light. The next thing he knows, he is waking up lying on the ground with no idea where he is or how he got there. When his senses return, he learns that he has experienced over three hours of missing time. He also learns that while recording a video in the barn that evening,he failed to stop the recording and has captured the incredible audio of just what happened during that missing time. As the days go by, the onset of other high strange events intensifies, and he like so many others, is caught up in a series of inexplicable, life changing events.Classic UFOs, missing time, late nigh visits from non-human entities, orbs, cryptids, strange lights in the sky, and many other high strange events have been experienced by people for thousands of years. From a young age, Angelia Sheer has been obsessed with unraveling the mystery of these phenomena, and its implications for humanity from times past, the present, and onward into our future.In this preliminary work, Angelia invites you to begin a journey with her, as she shares some of her most provocative case files from over 35 years of research. Join her and her team as they investigate some extraordinarily brave individuals who have entered the UFO mystery and returned to share their incredible stories or that usually hidden world.Angelia Sheer, "UFOgirl", has been investigating the UFO mystery for 35+ yeras. She founded Parasheer Research, her private research group, and is also the current State Director/Chief Field Investigator and STAR Team Lead for MUFON of Tennessee. With her extensive years of "Boots on the Ground" field work, over 2500 witness interviews, and her dogged pursuit of truth, Angelia was named MUFON’s 2019 Field Investigator of the Year.

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