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Do UFOs really exist?

Noted scientist Frank B. Salisbury, in collaboration with Joseph Junior Hicks, tries to answer this question by examining UFO data in the context of modern science. In the process, he and Hicks interview countless Utah witnesses who adamantly insist they encountered a flying saucer.

Read how:

– Strange beings held a Kentucky family hostage for three hours.

-Father Gill of the Catholic Church watched with others while a disc-shaped object hovered nearby–and figures on top waved to the crowd below!

– A police officer saw a large, egg-shaped “spacecraft” land in a nearby ravine.

-And many more spectacular and classic cases.

Then read how in Utah:

-A mother and daughter were stopped on the highway by a house-sized object hovering in front of them, and when they arrived home, two hours were missing.

-A UFO chased a car and controlled its speed.

-A huge UFO dived on a car that held two women and some Indian girls.

-Strange events occurred on the Skinwalker Ranch–but what about the history of the ranch?

Shedding new light on the UFO mystery, this authoritative volume brings to life dramatic eyewitness accounts that address this timeworn puzzle from a scientific viewpoint. Prepare to be pulled to the edge of your seat and held spellbound until the last page.

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