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>>>The Type 99 Arisaka Rifle is subject to more misinformation than you can imagine. This weapon needs a good Public Relations guy to launch a campaign and inform the public about what a jewel this weapon can be!

This weapon is by no means a piece of junk!

There is so much misinformation around about the weapon. It will not blow up on you! In fact it is one of the strongest actions ever produced.

The author makes makes the point that winners write the history you learn, and the losers don’t. If Japan had won the war the history of the Arisaka would have been written considerably more favorably to he weapon.

>>> Learn why it has dog ear front sights, a cock on close action, and a empty magazine stop on it. Learn why it has peep sights, and what the weird antennae attached to the sights is supposed to do.

Learn what to look for when buying a Arisaka. Learn about the “Last Ditch” weapons. Learn what markings your Arisaka has, and what they mean. The next time you run across one you will know what has value, and what doesn’t.

>>> Learn how to field strip the gun, clean it, inspect it, and more.

Learn how to take apart the bolt, and how simple the design is.

>>> About the Author…

Mike Francis sporterized his first military weapon way back in the sixties as a fourteen year old boy. He is an avid gun collector and marvels at the inventors and genius of the past. These days there is a product and hack for every gun owner’s complaint or problem gun. The craft is much easier. Just about everyone can do minor gunsmith work with the new products and tools on the market today. Once you get into the study and conversion of the old military bolt action weapons you will be fascinated in particular by the Arisaka. It is a must have gun for every collector.

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