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>>>The Mosin Nagant Rifle is the most mass produced and battle tested weapon in the world. Rocks and sticks are about the only weapons that have been in more battles and wars than the Mosin!

This weapon was the faithful girlfriend to some 15 million Russian Soldiers during World War Two five solid years!

It is a somewhat maligned weapon. People swear by them or at them; their is little middle ground with a Mosin Nagant. They have been imported to America in droves in the last several decades.

Some of the dislike of the weapon stems, like in all relationships from not understanding it. The author makes some good points and progress in this area by explaining some of the Mosin’s not so strange idiosyncrasies.

>>> Learn why it has a two stage trigger pull, and what function that serves. Learn why many say the front sight is too high and the gun therefore naturally shoots high.

Learn what to look for when buying a Mosin Nagant, what is a deal breaker, what merely reduces the price, and what to jump all over if the seller doesn’t know the weapon, as well as you do. Some are real rare collectibles that many owners out there don’t even realize the value of.

>>> Learn how to field strip the gun, clean it, inspect the bolt, and more.

Finally learn how this versatile weapon can be made into a poor man’s 30-06; good for knocking around the woods, and yet still retain the ability to keep it as a collectors item.

>>> About the Author…

Mike Francis sporterized his first military weapon way back in the sixties as a fourteen year old boy. He is an avid gun collector and marvels at the inventors and genius of the past. These days there is a product and hack for every gun owner’s complaint or problem gun. The craft is much easier. Just about everyone can do minor gunsmith work with the new products and tools on the market today. Once you get into the study and conversion of the old military bolt action weapons you will be fascinated in particular by the Mosin. It is a great beginners gun to experiment with in regards to finishes, bluing, accuracy improvement, scopes, and mounts. The ammo for them is cheap and plentiful too!

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