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>>>The Mauser action is the most copied and blatantly ripped off bolt action design in the world! The K98 Mauser was the last word on bolt action perfection!<<<<

This weapon was copied with good reason. It was the best there was! Some 15 million K98 Mauser rifles made during the ten year period that it was the German infantry standard rifle. It is on every collectors list as an undisputed must have!Everyone loves Mauser smoothness, good looks, and strength of design. The author tells some great history about this weapon, and the theory behind it’s use.

>>> Learn why it did not incorporate any substantial changes in design when it went into it’s final K98 form. <<<

Learn why it didn’t have a cock on close feature, a ten round magazine, or peep sights. Learn what to look for when buying a Mauser, what is valuable, and what isn’t. Learn why the Swedish Mauser is more valuable as a collector’s item. Learn about the captured Mauser weapons that are making their way into the U.S. market.

>>>> Learn how to field strip the gun, clean it, inspect the bolt, and more.<<<<

Finally, learn how the Mauser can be a dual enjoyment weapon weapon. It can be good for knocking around the woods, and yet still be kept as a C&R collectors item. Learn about the C&R dealers license. Is it right for you?

>>> About the Author…<<<<

Mike Francis sporterized his first military weapon way back in the sixties as a fourteen year old boy. He is an avid gun collector and marvels at the inventors and genius of the past. These days there is a product and hack for every gun owner’s complaint or problem gun. The craft is much easier. Just about everyone can do minor gunsmith work with the new products and tools on the market today. Once you get into the study and conversion of the old military bolt action weapons you will be fascinated in particular by the Mauser. It is the Granddaddy of them all!

>>>>Scroll up and grab a copy TODAY… <<<<

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