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The Ohio State Reformatory has a century long history of housing thousands of the most dangerous criminals, and the angry ghosts of the past still roam the corridors.

First opened in 1896, the Ohio State Reformatory intended to do what their name implied, to reform young offenders, but eventually came to house the most dangerous criminals in society. Built on a former Civil War camp ravaged by disease, one can only imagine the unease creeping through the cells and down the dark corridors, made famous as the backdrop for the The Shawshank Redemption. The prison grew to hold more than a thousand prisoners, suffering what were described as “brutalizing and inhumane conditions.” Ghost tour guide Sherri Brake escorts the reader on a tour of the dark and violent history of one of America’s most notorious prisons, the spirits of these men still haunting these halls, forever searching for justice… or revenge.

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Haunted America

Haunted America

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