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A year has passed since the infamous Boswell curse. The city of Greenwood all but buried any proof that it actually occurred. It is Halloween season, 1996, a time that brings joy and pranks by the dozen. But this season—it will bring something much darker than little kids running around in scary masks playing tricks and taking treats.Greenwood will be faced with another egregious attack, but this time from malicious visitors from another world. Knowing that those unworldly visitors are not abducting Greenwood citizens by coincidence alone, a power-hungry FBI Special Agent in Charge sends his psychotic agent and his ethical rookie partner to silence those who know too much, and to keep the real story from going global…a story that would be catastrophic for not only the FBI, but for the entire country.Jasmine, the tomboy whose heart is torn in half due to her high school crush having feelings for her best friend, isolates herself from both of them, heeding the advice from the very man who was sent to kill her—FBI agent Mason Arlovski.The eccentric people of Greenwood will unknowingly rely on their favorite uncanny teens: Jasmine, Rose, Nathan, Jewel, and Rico to save them from violent abductions from beings with no earthly origins, but they will face a grim realization: one of them—will be taken.

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