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1947 is considered by most historians of the United States as the year when the Cold War began with the implementation of the “Truman Doctrine” to contain the propagation of world Communism, which give rise to the anti-communist hysteria of the following years. Also, 1947 was the year when the first UFO sightings were reported in the summer. Kenneth Albert Arnold was born on March 29, 1915 in Sebeka, Minnesota, and died on January 16, 1984 at the age of aged 68. He was the owner of Great Western Fire Control Supply in Boise, Idaho that sold and installed fire suppression systems. Also, as a result of the nature of his job that took him around the Pacific Northwest, he uses his experience as pilot to travel in a CallAir A-2 . On June 24, 1947, Arnold was flying from Chehalis, Washington, to Yakima, Washington, in his CallAir A-2 on a business trip. He made a brief detour after learning of a $5,000 reward for the discovery of a U.S. Marine Corps’C-46 transport airplane that had crashed near Mt. Rainier.The skies were completely clear and there was a mild wind. Arnold would later recall, he saw a bright light—just a flash, like a glint of sun as it hits a mirror when the glass is angled just so. It had a blue-ish tinge. At first, he thought the light must have been coming from another plane; when he looked around, though, all he could see was a DC-4. It seemed to be flying about 15 miles away from him. It was not flashing. And then the lights came again—this time, in a series. Nine flashes, in rapid succession. Arnold originally described the objects’ shape in many ways as: “flat like a pie pan”, “shaped like a pie plate”, and also described their erratic motion being “like a fish flipping in the sun” or a saucer skipped across water. From these, the press quickly coined the new terms “flying saucer” and “flying disc” to describe such objects, many of which were reported within days after Arnold’s sighting. After his UFO sighting, Arnold became a minor celebrity, and for about a decade. Saucerian Publisher was founded with the mission of promoting books in Science Fiction. Our vision is to preserve the legacy of literary history by reprint editions of books which have already been exhausted or are difficult to obtain. Our goal is to help readers, educators and researchers by bringing back original publications that are difficult to find at reasonable price, while preserving the legacy of universal knowledge. This book is an authentic reproduction of the original printed text in shades of gray. IMPORTANT, despite the fact that we have attempted to accurately maintain the integrity of the original work, the present reproduction has missing and blurred pages, poor pictures and FBI censorship’s pencil markings from the original scanned copy. Many of the original FBI documents and Project Blue Book pages are shadowy, and faint Because this book is culturally important, we have made available as part of our commitment to protect, preserve and promote knowledge in the world. Some of the issues could be missing. This edition on Kenneth Arnold is a collection of articles and documents from different sources. Great, but unpretentious, this edition is a rare symbols by itself of what was going in the begining of the modern UFO phenomena.This edition has the following parts: KENNETH ARNOLD’s. PERSONAL RECORDS & INFO; Vought V-173 “Flying Pancake”; THE FLYING SAUCERS —FACT OR FICTION? FLYING Magazine, July 1950, p.16; Arnold, Kenneth (1948).I DID SEE A FLYING DISK! FATE Magazive 1(1):4-10. 1948; Kenneth Arnold’s FBI Papers; Kenneth Arnold. Mt. Rainer Incident, Washington State,24 June 1947 in the Project Blue Book. ___Copy and paste the link for our books: ___

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