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The Carcano Rifle

An easy read chock full of info about one of the most infamous rifles in history.

This book rounds up, and compiles in one place many fascinating and informative links and videos about this weapon. It is far more than just another book. It is a definitive resource!

By reading The Carcano Rifle you will learn:

  • About the unique characteristics of the weapon, about the clips it used to load the magazine.

  • Learn how ingenious the rear sight was.

  • Learn why the cartridge this weapon uses is underpowered but very lethal at shorter ranges.

  • Learn Which ones are most valuable, how many were made, and what to look for when collecting them.

  • Learn why you should question that this weapon was really used to assassinate Kennedy!

This book contains solid objective facts about this weapon. Know the facts! Don’t let your questions about the Carcano be left unanswered, get the facts, links, videos, and complete reference guide in one spot.

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>>> About the Author…<<<

Mike Francis customized his first military weapon way back in the sixties as a fourteen year old boy. Guns have been a lifetime passion for him. He is an avid collector and marvels at the inventors and genius of the past. He has collected, shot, and reloaded for decades. His passion for well designed weapons, and knowledge of old military weapons, and rounds is extensive. He has written over twenty books on the subject, and continually shares his perspectives and observations with others.

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