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Do you believe in Extra Terrestrials? Do you believe there are other worlds and other universes outside our own? Do you believe we are visited or observed by other beings? You’re not alone. Scientist believe there is something out there. Astrophysicists and other researchers spend their careers looking into the unknown of outer space. Sometimes we find an explanation, such as military activity. And then there’s those times when there’s just no explanation. No military or private industry activity can explain it. It’s not a meteor or natural phenomenon. So what is it? Unidentified Flying Object. This Log Book is a great way to record any experiences you have. 6×9 Notebook style, this Log Book is just the right size to take along. It has 120 pages with space to write answers to basic questions and even a graph to record what area of the sky you saw the sighting. This is a great Log Book to keep or give as a gift. Have friends who share your hobby? They would appreciate this Log Book, too!

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