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Best-selling author Bill Sanders and Morgen Remley reunite in an effort to stop a dangerous, ultra-secret government group known as The Seven from staging a coup against the United States. This third novel in The Seven trilogy is the climax of a series of events that began when Paul Watson, an old friend of Bill’s, is murdered when the two were searching for Paul’s missing ten- year-old daughter. Paul had sworn to Bill that the girl was abducted by a UFO. Only after Paul’s death does Bill learn that his friend was telling the truth and learns of The Seven and its shocking role in the UFO phenomenon, as well as his wife’s death three years earlier. Bill and Morgen have fallen in love even though he discovers she is working for The Seven but has become disillusioned with the group.

Secrets takes Bill and Morgen from New Mexico to the White House as the two struggle to expose The Seven and reveal the truth about UFOs and aliens. Only if they succeed can they be free, and their love realized.

Fred Ellis Brock has covered politics, business, and finance for years at The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. He’s a professional skeptic who knows institutions form the inside. Like his alter-ego protagonist, Fred has been a best-selling author of personal-finance books. But in the back of his mind, he has always been fascinated by the enigma of UFOs and the possibility of alien visitations. A member of MUFON, he has experienced his own personal unexplained sightings. Fred is also a member of the Authors Guild and is represented by the David Black Literary Agency and AEI Speakers Bureau.

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