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The work of independent Sasquatch Research Teams continue to contribute greatly to the protracted study of the hybrid hominids that exist today. The dedication, amount of personal time and resources required to get out there in the wild to investigate and engage with this creature first hand is remarkable. This book presents a fresh look at this topic and will help fill in the blanks about the true origin, nature, and behavior of this unique hominid. Once the lid on this topic is blown off with a full unbridled government disclosure, people will want to embrace the inclusion of this amazing species. This is not a stand-alone entity, as the history of modern man and hominid seem to be linked from the very beginning. On the surface, we know that due to all the cover-ups and secrecy, this topic appears to be connected to so much more. Once you start peeling back the layers of denial, the more things actually begin to make sense, as a much bigger picture comes into view. You can’t just talk about the possible origin of a unique hominid without talking about the history of mankind, evolution theory, Biblical divine creation, and our records from antiquity. Isn’t it interesting that the burden of proof has been placed squarely on the shoulders of the people, when the governments of the world including the Vatican know the truth, and yet continue suppressing it. If you happen to be a disbeliever and are reading this book, then congratulations, as you are one step closer to realizing the truth. This topic is what it is, whether it’s believable or not. Enough evidence already exists. We are all in this together, for the benefit of all life. All that can be asked of anyone, is to just keep an open mind and consider the possibilities, as we already know that not all is as it seems.

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