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“I admire the lengths and considerable expense gone to in developing the content of this book. Without the author’s determination and effort, we would not have these remote viewing gems from the legendary Joe McMoneagle. Even if that were the book’s only virtue (which it is not), this would still be a valuable work of interest to generations to come.” ~ Paul H. Smith, Ph.D. (Major, US Army, ret.) Since 1460 BC, UFOs have been documented and recorded by witnesses all over the world. What are these mysterious objects of unknown origin? Where do they come from and more importantly… …why are they here? This book provides some answers to these and many other questions using Remote Viewing – A psychic functioning protocol developed by the U.S. Military and supported by the US Government and numerous intelligence agencies including the CIA, to the tune of $20 Million USD for over 22 years. Read exclusively for the first time what a former U.S Military Intelligence Officer and arguable the world’s top Remote Viewer, Joseph W. McMoneagle discovered when tasked double blind with famous UFO cases that have baffled skeptics and believers for decades. • What were the strange lights encountered by the crew of a Japan Airlines Flight in 1987 over the skies of Alaska and tracked on Radar? • Did 70,000 Catholic devotees really witness the Sun dancing and hurtling towards them in 1917? • What really happened to Travis Walton and his co-workers on November 5, 1975 in Arizona? • What exactly was the strange object two US service men witnessed in a U.K. forest near Rendlesham in 1980? Discover astonishing new information, clues, possibilities and theories to these and many other cases, taking the reader on the ultimate psychic quest to find out if we really are alone in the Universe. The answers may be more shocking than we could ever have imagined

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