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A ufo conspiracy unravels when a government agent comes face-to-face with a man whose life has been destroyed by the twisted web of lies she created…Mitchell Vincent thought he’d found the truth. He believed in worlds beyond our own. He’d spent his life trying to find evidence of aliens on our world. After he’d caught video of strange lights over the Arizona sky, he thought he’d finally found his proof of extra-terrestrials among us. When he posted it online looking for answers, he stumbled across a conspiracy that connected a military contractor and technology designed from signals from another planet. He would sacrifice everything — his job, his family, and his sanity — in his search for the truth. Science-fiction author Athena Simms thought she’d found the perfect job, as a consultant for a shadow intelligence organization dedicated to leaking misinformation. Her latest assignment, to discredit recent footage of a top-secret experimental aircraft by any means necessary. Excited, she considered it the greatest creative challenge she had ever faced, and threw herself into her work. Falsifying documents and manufacturing a trail of clues for the UFO community to follow, Athena did what she did best, she told a story… One that destroyed Mitchell Vincent’s life.

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