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Brand new blockbuster book from an author that has the guts to reveal the top-secret findings of the US government about UFOs!

This is the 27th book by Gil Carlson, a Virginia UFO investigator that dares to reveal all the government’s secrets on UFOs, aliens and conspiracies. And now the secrets of the Air Force’s Project Blue Book will soon be yours!

Back in the 50s and 60s, while publicly dismissing the existence of UFOs, the US Air Force was engaged in a secret program for evaluating every report of unidentified flying objects. Under the code name, Project Blue Book, the Air Force analyzed over 13,000 incidents. Their goal was to look into each UFO sighting, to assess the security threat for each incident, determine how to obtain the alien technology and release information on the unimportant sightings to the gullible public.

I am anxious to get these amazing Alien and UFO stories into your hands. Isn’t it about time that you found out about the secrets they have been trying to hide from you? Are you ready for this chilling evidence that we are not alone? It is all here, government documents, the testimony of scientists, the military, pilots and thousands of citizens all over the country who have witnessed scenes of alien craft that they will never forget!

I’m going to share with you hundreds of their case files that they could not explain and did want us to ever hear about. These are their case studies that became available to me before they had a chance to hide, censor or alter them! You are going to be startled that such amazing information even exists, let alone is in my hands and ready to be shared with you!

I believe that this is the only book available today with everything you want to know, a book that will shock and enlighten you, not put you to sleep.

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