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Mount Shasta is number 13 out of 300 for UFO sighting Hot Spots. There must be some logical explanation. This book explores the history, background, reviews and reported sightings to MUFON, Project Blue-Book,Nicap and inviting the community to disclose long standing secrets to the author,which they did, that further confirms the existence of UFO activity in Mt. Shasta and the immediate surrounding areas. We found blacked-out, classified sightings, were able to get current testimony and findings to some of the most shocking events never disclosed until now. This book synthesizes the local phenomena to the larger pattern existing on our planet that can only arrive at the startling conclusion, that we are not alone and that the seeming agenda of these mysterious friends, is one of helping planet earth’s children remember their origins and find a deeper connection to our galactic home and free our species from the monkey grip of fear and oppression imposed by our own hands. Unfortunately this data does little good if there are systems in place to stop the dissemination of this beneficial information by those who for their own reasons, desire to keep our race in the dark. Along with never revealed sightings involving local police officers, forest service employees and people from all walks of life, some of these sightings were deliberately blacked out for their indisputable credibility of which, the truth was revealed. Some of the secret reasons of non-disclosure are examined in the book, from already found artifacts of our parent off-world race, their long standing presence here and on the moon, is kept from us deliberately by the secret space program, and that is only skimming the surface. It is high time as shareholders of this planet, we be informed to the company agenda, all of it! This book at least, can help take you part way there. One of our Presidents also has allegedly visited Mars several times and was educated up here in Siskiyou County by DARPA’s Mars Visitation Program trainers. The class and times had been confirmed by the Author. This volume has been decades in the making and offers an incredible informative chronology based on fact and observations of thousands. It is a must read for any curious origin seeking person, who knows that the universe is far too large and full of life to limit the neighborhood to just this planet. It is packed with over 600 pages of relevant information bound to inform you.

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