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True and documented military UFO encounter cases that will surprise and make you question what we really know about alien visits to Earth.

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For as long as the UFO phenomenon has been a thing, the United States military has consistently denied any knowledge—or even interest—about the subject. But many suspect that Uncle Sam knows a lot more than he’s letting on, and this book explores all the possibilities—from the Roswell crash and Area 51, through foo fighters and rumors of possible reverse-engineered aircraft, all the way to the 2017 disclosure that the Pentagon is still investigating UFOs.

Broaching the subject of UFOs typically sparks either great interest or great ridicule, depending on whom you’re talking to. But whatever our individual knee-jerk reaction to the tales may be, one thing that we can all agree on is that there never has been any satisfactory explanation for them. The 2020s seem poised to hold just as much mystery in regard to the subject as the 1950s did.

And while there have been plenty of civilian UFO encounters, it is the men and women of our military who most often find themselves on the front line of this great mystery. Most of those who don the uniform are no better prepared for these encounters than anyone else, and they face the additional difficulty of having to report to their superiors in the aftermath of such odd incidents.

In documenting these accounts, this book is not seeking to convince anyone of anything. All of these alleged events are left open to the reader’s own interpretation. But while you make up your own mind on the subject, here we present to you the fantastic and bizarre claims—as well as the sometimes equally shocking known truths—that comprise the strange anecdotes of military encounters with UFOs.

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