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“It sometimes takes a little time for the eyes to adjust to the darkness…”

In May 2019, true crime maestro Nick van der Leek headed to Praia da Luz to investigate the crime scene, and to explore the potential abductor route in situ. In DEEPER INTO DARKNESS photos and video from a range of locations are insightfully presented, all giving clarity to the mosaic proposed in the preceding DOUBT trilogy, as well as in DEEP INTO DARKNESS.

“The secret to the mystery of what really happened to Madeleine McCann lies buried, deeper in the darkness than any have imagined. And yet what we aren’t seeing is the most obvious aspect. What really happened to the little girl, when and why is obscured by the blinding light of pageantry. By blitzing the public with a deluge of information, what’s hiding in the inky darkness seems to recede even further. But it’s really not as far from our reach as we think. You’re not seeing what you’re not seeing not because it’s not there. You’re not seeing what’s there because you’re blinded by contrivances.”

DEEPER INTO DARKNESS interrogates a singular angle in the McCann case: time.

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