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On the easternmost edge of Westchester County, among the quiet communities nestled against the Connecticut state line, memories of eerie incidents and haunted happenings flow through the generations like the currents of the nearby Hudson River. The old-timers of South Salem and Waccabuc still recall the legendary “Leather Man,” an itinerant vagabond who rambled mysteriously through the region in the late 1800s. Over in Goldens Bridge they whisper of “the Christmas Soldier,” an apparition of a Revolutionary-era Patriot who stalks the Highway 22 corridor. And beneath Long Pond Mountain the locals listen attentively for the “Wail of the Wind,” the sorrowful moan attributed to two ghostly parents lamenting their son’s drowning. Read Maureen Koehl’s Lewisboro Ghosts to discover the spooky stories and supernatural sightings that linger in this tucked-away corner of the lower Hudson Valley.

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Haunted America

Haunted America

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