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“Finally, a book that opens a window into the extraordinarily complex world of UFO contact experiencers.

Through the correspondence files of pioneer researcher, psychologist, and hypnotherapist Leo Sprinkle, PhD, we gain insight into contact with non-humans and the varieties of astonishing phenomena associated with it. This fascinating book is truly a page turner!”

     – Kathleen Marden, researcher, investigator, and author of Extraterrestrial Contact: What to Do When You’ve Been Abducted

“Katie Griboski goes direct to the source for this important documentation of UFO/UAP History.”

     – Scott and Suzanne Ramsey authors of The Aztec UFO Incident

“This book not only honors the pioneering work of a great UFOlogist, but it also provides a robust cross-section of the UFO/UAP phenomenon.

Katie educates the reader on the diverse nature of the UFO/UAP reports that researchers receive as well as the obstacles in investigating them. She also is keen on exploring the deep emotional impact these experiences have on the individual

These transformative experiences are a driving force compelling witnesses to seek out answers, context, and emotional support. Dr. Leo Sprinkle has been that man who has helped provide this to so many people over the decades armed with a sharp, insightful mind and a warm and generous heart.”

     – David Marler, UFO Researcher and Historian

Over four decades, the mailbox of a University of Wyoming psychology professor received thousands of very unusual letters from people all over the world.

Knowing of Dr Leo Sprinkle’s work as a ufologist, they spoke of strange ships in the sky, shining orbs appearing in homes, dreams of unidentified aerial phenomena and ETs that felt very real, beings of various shapes and colors inviting them onto their craft, psychic abilities enhanced after a strange encounter . . .

This exciting compilation of firsthand accounts draws us into the world of Dr Sprinkle, a respected psychologist and hypnotherapist who accomplished groundbreaking work at the University of Wyoming in Laramie for more than 40 years, and who, after his own UFO experiences, went “from scoffer to skeptic,” then “from skeptic to unwilling believer

Colorado MUFON director and researcher/investigator Katie Griboski has lovingly gathered some of the most exciting, intriguing, and strangest letters from the university archives, offering pithy excerpts that describe a wide variety of eyewitness UFO/ET and paranormal experiences.

As the UFO Disclosure movement gathers increasing momentum, and UAP sightings are increasing all over the world, this unique compilation opens the door wide to these mysteries and , and invites you to explore for yourself . . .

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