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A retreating alien enemy. Civilization’s new beginning. A terrifying threat could postpone his victory lap… forever.

After discovering an indefensible weapon, Liam thought he had the Kroerak invaders on the ropes. But as he and his crew root out the last alien strongholds, he comes face to face with the staggering damage the invaders wreaked on the crew’s now-inhospitable homeworlds. When the battle-scarred survivors call on Liam to lead their broken civilization out of the rubble, he can’t bear to turn them away. But Liam knows better than anyone, if he doesn’t squash the source of the infestation, the Kroerak forces will be back—and next time, there will nothing to stop them.

Liam’s victory lap could be cancelled altogether after he uncovers a skin-crawling new menace of catastrophic proportions. If he can’t balance leading his people and battling the gathering swarm, then humanity and the Confederation will be the ones exterminated.

Judgment of the Bold is the third novel in a standalone trilogy in the 15-book Privateer Tales epic, a series of adrenaline-fueled space operas. If you like intergalactic showdowns, alien invasions, and audacious crews, then you’ll love Jamie McFarlane’s rip-roaring sci-fi saga.

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