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Brent Raynes’ newest book, John A. Keel: The Man, The Myths, and the Ongoing Mysteries, chronicles the life of influential ufologist and American journalist, John A. Keel. The Mothman Prophecies movie (2002), a supernatural thriller starring Richard Gere, was loosely based on Keel’s book of the same title. Brent had established a personal relationship with John Keel in 1969. Shortly after the movie’s release, both men discussed its portrayal of Keel’s book. Overall, Keel was satisfied that the movie had effectively captured both the essence of the foreboding atmosphere surrounding Point Pleasant, and the varied, inexplicable occurrences that residents experienced during that period.What sets Raynes’ remarkable book apart from other books about Keel’s life and work is both his personal relationship with Keel, and his unique, conversational, and intimate writing style. Raynes’ book describes additional mysterious occurrences surrounding the legend of the Mothman Prophecies, similar to the cases in the movie. Join Raynes as he explores the true and incredible events Keel investigated. Keel’s pioneering work continues to influence the author in addition to researchers who carry on studies of these “ongoing mysteries.”

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