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The author of Georgia’s Civil War ghost books proves that the Peach State’s phantoms come in many forms.


Every portion of central Georgia is thoroughly haunted. Tobe, the ghost of Orna Villa in Oxford, had an appetite for biscuits. Angry spirits near Augusta drove a family from a beautiful old home. Paranormal entities in a home cobbled together from three old houses created a tapestry of supernatural events. People still seek advice from a fortuneteller dead half a century, and a long-deceased girl hitches a ride home on the same night each year. Author Jim Miles presents a ghost story from each of the fifty-one counties in this historic region.


“Every county in Georgia has at least one ghost story, and author Jim Miles has gathered them into three books. . . . Miles traveled to all 159 counties, as well as two counties that ‘went extinct’ during the Great Depression. The completion of the books was a 10-year project for Miles . . . The stories span all of Georgia history, from one with its origins 2,000 years ago to the latest in ‘scientific ghost hunting.’” —
Gainesville Times

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