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Ghosts of Genesee Country: From Captain ...




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With a psychic as his supernatural sidekick, a local tour guide and radio host gets to the bottom of western New York’s most terrifying legends.


The Seneca Nation knew the area as the “good” or “pleasant” valley. Grateful for the waterfalls that provided power for their mills, early settlers dubbed Rochester the “Flour City.” For countless ghosts and spirits, however, the towns and cities of Genesee Country are simply called “home.” Local tour guide and radio host Ralph Esposito brings to life stories of New York’s strangest inhabitants. From a highway still traveled by the covered wagon of Underground Railroad conductor Walter Vond to a suburban neighborhood often treated to the clip-clop of hooves from a Civil War-era horseracing track, the Genesee River Valley is haunted!


Includes photos!


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