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During their years of extensive research into UFO and extraterrestrial encounters, UFO Insight has compiled a huge archive of bizarre, intriguing, and sometimes chilling encounters from across the vast reaches of the Internet or hidden away in documents, newspaper clippings, or hard-to-find books. 

This book brings together some of the strangest and most mysterious of such encounters, all in one place, to be used as a reference for researchers and enthusiasts of all things strange alike. The fact is the study of UFOs, what they might be, and who is behind them, is a true rabbit warren that takes you to places even the most open-minded person would struggle to imagine. And once we start to examine these seemingly bizarre and random incidents, we start to see intriguing connections that cannot be explained as coincidence.  

Why, for example, do so many witnesses to these bizarre crafts speak of the same details, such as “no-source lighting” – an apparent way of illuminating an entire room with a definite source such as a light bulb or a flame? And why do those who claim to have communicated with these strange entities often speak of the same dire warnings of the fate of humanity if it doesn’t change its collective ways? And what should we make of the conspiracies that intertwine throughout such accounts – those of cover-ups, altering of evidence, and suppression of truth?

In From Deep Within The UFO Insight Archives, we explore these questions and speculate what they might mean for our collective reality. Indeed, understanding the UFO and alien question will most likely lead us to an overall greater understanding of our reality and what it means to be human in that reality. 

Within these pages, we will look at some of the most intriguing and bizarre UFO and Alien encounters on record – such incidents as the Leads Mask Case that would result in the discovery of two young men at the same location as multiple witnesses saw a UFO in Brazil. Or the many claims of underground, and underwater, alien bases – just what is going on in these secretive and seemingly ancient facilities?

And what about the many claims of alien abduction that hint at not only repeat abductions for the abductee but abductions that span entire generations. Or perhaps we will find answers in the claims of human-alien hybridization – a bizarre claim no doubt, but one that is made by several respected, and serious-minded UFO researchers. In short, this book pulls all of those bizarre encounters and controversial theories together in order that we can not only understand the UFO and alien question but the age-old question of why we are here in the first place

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