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Major Jesse Marcel was the intelligence officer for the 509th Composite Bomb Group of the Army Air Force stationed at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. At the beginning of World War II, Roswell Army Airfield opened and became home to the 509th bombardment group, the only Atomic Bomber wing in the world. Major Marcel was a key witness and one of the first military personnel to handle the wreckage of an extraterrestrial spaceship crashed near Roswell in the early days of July 1947. The very fact that this man not only touched what he believed to be a space craft not of this earth, but had pieces of it in his home, is utterly amazing. In 1947 there were no television documentaries on UFO sightings as we have today. There were no support groups for people who claimed to have had a close encounter of some kind, as today. How do you live your life after something like this happens to you? How did Jesse cope with the fact that this incident changed his life? What did Jesse now believe that he didn’t believe before the incident? Why did he wait 32 years before coming out with his story? And would he draw what he saw? This book will reveal the only hand drawn depiction of the debris found at Roswell – from an actual eye witness who was at the crash site.

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