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Australia and New Zealand are no different to other parts of the world. Something is going on in our skies, and has been for many years. Contact Down Under details just a small sample of the thousands of sightings reported over the last seventy years and earlier.

Will this book give you any answers to the vast controversy and mystery of the UFO phenomena? Probably not! Most researchers agree they have too many questions and very few answers. In fact I find that for every answer I get, ten more questions come to the fore. UFO investigators all know that UFOs exist – but the definition of their nature and composition is elusive, and their paradoxical behaviour often makes it impossible to determine their origin.

Certainly tangible, solid objects may well be a misidentification, a conventional airplane, or our own secret military technology. In fact, well over 90-percent of reports can either be identified, or have insufficient details to make a determination. Many of the remaining few percent appear too advanced to have come from Earth. However, with each appearance our scientists and boffins start to think outside the box in relation to their own research and innovations.

While many conservative ‘experts’ ignore or scoff at contactees’ and abductees’ reports of interaction with other intelligences, this phenomenon is now so prevalent, the human race ignores it at its peril.

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