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– Background information to build content-area knowledge including: Scientific timelines, words to know, job descriptions, and seminal cases

– Chapter Summaries and questions that recap the evidence: You’re The Medical Examiner

– Reading Cues and Clues: Prompts, call-outs, highlighted words, diagrams, and primary sources

– Field Guides and Tools: Bone Guides, Parasite Guides, Ghost-Hunter Technology, Spy gadgets

– Cool, bold, graphic design: CSI-like real-time graphic organizers

– Critical thinking and analysis: the Science behind identifying who, what, when, where, why

Curriculum Standards: Grades 5-8 and 9-12 Science Standards

Science as Inquiry

– Identify questions and concepts that guide scientific investigations.

– Recognize and analyze alternative explanations and models.

– Communicate and defend a scientific argument.

– Results of scientific inquiry emerge from different types of investigations and public communication among scientists.

Science and Technology

– Communicate the problem, process, and solution

– Scientists use different methods of investigation, and accept different types of evidence to support their explanations.

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