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Learn how the secular world has defamed a phenomenon that God intends to use to usher in His own New Age:CHRIST’S MILLENNIAL REIGN. Supported by evidences from: • Reverend Billy Graham • Reverend Chuck Smith • Evangelist Arthur Blessitt • The Roman historian Flavius Josephus and others• Pictorial proofs from Israel & around the worldIn Aliens & In-laws the author explores, in depth, the historic phenomena called UFOs; except he has more accurately labeled them “HFOs”: Heavenly Flying Objects, as they are no longer “unidentified”. His unabashed examination includes disassembling a host of misconceptions and outright, purposeful deceptions associated with the controversial UFO/HFO. This highly documented and thoroughly researched volume cites no less that 65 outside historical works dealing with the subject, including the US government’s own studies, along with startling revelations from other sources, such as Roman historian, Josephus, the foremost secular authority on the historical early church.When did the modern UFO phenomenon begin? How have governments handled the bothersome, elusive UFO? What part have HFOs played in biblical exegesis? Is there biblical proof of their involvement in the spiritual growth of the Church and pre-Church Ages? What should we do with this information? All these facets of ‘the world’s greatest enigma are addressed in Aliens & In-laws. Until now, the church has held a position that played into the hands of secular New Agers. But Satan’s deception is finally and thoroughly exposed in this all-encompassing work. The author believes an enlightened church will result: a New Testament church prepared for Christ’s return. Order today to gain a fuller understanding of our heavenly visitors and learn how to expose those who would deceive you in these matters.

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