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‘Sasquatch Sagas-
A Violent World‘… is an empowering novel of discovery, adventure and initiation into adulthood. It follows the trials and tribulations of a Juvenile Sasquatch orphaned and alone in the wilderness, fighting desperately for survival in a harsh and dangerous world.

After his parents and innocence are both violently taken from him he must reconcile the horror of his grief and come to grips with the raging anger of his inner demons. During his traumatic coming of age, the identities of the real monsters in his world shift and flow like shadows in the fog. ‘A Violent World’ is a tale of tragedy and hope, violence and tenderness, in which the young Sasquatch must learn to harness his emotions and master his burning, inner rage at his misfortune… if he is to have any hope of surviving his odyssey towards the Pole Star and hoped-for redemption.

“An amazing but believable tale incorporating Bigfoot lore and research, Dogman, Government cover-ups, and blending it all together in an action packed story of life, love, beginnings and endings plus the turmoil that goes with it… Funny in parts while tragic in others and a great read from start to finish.” … James P, Encounter Survivor

About the Author

As a child W.R. Wildwood ran wild in the rugged, mountainous terrain of his family’s farm. Many weekends were spent in National Parks recording animals and their behaviours for the various Filed Naturalist, Birdwatching and Bushwalking clubs his parents were involved in.
Rather than be dissuaded from the likelihood of Sasquatch, his life of wilderness exploration and animal study convinced him they were more likely to exist than not.
The many witness reports describing encounters with Sasquatch often demonstrate a dangerous lack of understanding between the animals and humans. After growing concerned with the many calls for the shooting of one to prove their existence Mr Wildwood was inspired to portray the animal’s perspective… and Sasquatch Sagas was born.
A Violent World is Volume 1 of the series. For more information, including scientific speculation, short stories and well-known encounters told from the possible viewpoint of the animal itself, check out the author’s

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