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Throughout history, humankind has been reporting unexplained aerial phenomena, from balls of light to triangles to discs that appear to cloak themselves. Events have been reported from the United States to Australia.The first famous UFO sighting in the US was made on June 24, 1947, and reports have continuously been made around the world ever since.A Brief History of Ufology explores the years from 1941 to 2011. These unusual events cover military intrusions, mass-witness sightings, pilot and UFO encounters, unexplained abductions with missing time, law enforcement involvement, and many more events.Historical reports include:•The Roswell crash in 1947 was just the first in a series of UFO crashes•Multiple-witness sightings: The Phoenix Lights; the Farmington UFO Armada in New Mexico: the Canary Islands high-strangeness entities sighting; the Varginha, Brazil creatures and their capture•Stories of alien abductions including Betty and Barney Hill in 1961, the 1976 abduction of four college art students in Maine, and the Pascagoula, Mississippi, bizarre-entity encounter reported in 1973•Pilots report encounters over our nation’s capital in 1952; the Tehran pilot dogfight; a Peruvian pilot shoots at a UFO with no effect; and a frightening Japanese airline encounter over Alaska in 1986•Law enforcement involvement: Portage County, Ohio police chase in 1966; Socorro, New Mexico, UFO landing; and the Exeter, New Hampshire, close encounter in 1965Come join us on a journey to learn about what the mainstream media doesn’t print in the news and educate yourself on a History of UFOs!

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